Enhanced Transfer Values

BACKGROUND Enhanced transfer values are becoming more prevalent as companies aim to reduce their pension scheme liabilities. Here, we detail the rationale behind the notion of enhanced transfer values and the factors you should consider when reviewing an offer, and how it compares to your defined benefit pension. Low expected returns from investments and increasing annuity prices have resulted in …

Does Increasing Housing Supply Pose a Threat for Residential Property Prices?

Despite the significant expansion in housing supply in 2017, it was an exceptional year for the Irish residential property market in terms of rental and price inflation.  In our update, we believe there is scope for further growth in 2018, particularly in the Dublin apartment market. Click here to read more.

Equity Market Volatility – February 2018

Following the sharp fall in global equity markets and the increased volatility over the last two weeks, our Equity Market Volatility – February 2018 note looks into the drivers behind these moves and we provide our view on recent developments. Click here to read more.

Market Commentary July 2015

Highlights Equities gained in July as markets reacted positively to Greece’s  acceptance of a package of preconditions to enter talks on a new bail-out programme. Bonds also gained on the Greek news as investors anticipated a longer period of low interest rates and continued quantitative easing by the ECB. Commodity markets fell on concerns that the recent correction in the …

Market Commentary – December 2014 and Outlook for 2015

Markets weakened in local currency terms in December but US and Japanese markets gained in Euro terms as the Euro weakened further. Equity market performances diverged in 2014 as European markets underperformed the US as the Eurozone economy lagged the recovery in the American labour and housing markets. US stockmarkets gained over 11% in 2014 with the 13% gain in …