Oil – Where to From Here?

With the recent weakness in oil prices, this Research Note analyses a range of factors contributing to the decline and considers the outlook for 2016.

Market Commentary November 2015

While equity markets recovered in November, commodity markets remained volatile.  Anticipation of a tightening of monetary policy in the US, contrasting with an expected expansion of the ECB’s quantitative easing programme in 2016, heavily influenced markets. To read more click here.

Market Commentary October 2015

Investment Markets in October October saw a recovery in global equity markets following significant weakness over the previous two months. European equities saw the biggest rally, gaining over 10% in the month as the ECB indicated that it would expand its quantitative easing programme. Gains in non-euro assets were added to by foreign exchange gains as the euro weakened against …

Market Commentary September 2015

Despite a rally on the last day of the month, September was another difficult period for equity and commodity markets.  Our latest Commentary looks at the implications of recent market falls for European equities.  We also review the circumstances impacting on the price of oil. Click here to read more.

Market Commentary August 2015

Investment Markets in August 2015 Equity markets saw their biggest falls in over 4 years in August with volatility reaching levels last seen in the financial crisis in 2007-2008. The main catalyst for the volatility was the surprise devaluation of the Chinese yuan and a series of weaker than expected economic data from the world’s second largest economy. Commodity markets …